Communicate with your citizens in a modern and efficient way

  • Official news straight to your phone
  • Modern mobile apps and the web
  • Connection with other self-government systems
  • Tools for getting feedback
  • Clear and intuitive administration

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What you get with MUNIPOLIS tools

Modules and their use

Communication tools

Universal sender
SMS gateway
Email sender
Messages to the app
Voice messages
Mailing statistics
SMART contacts directory
Registration of citizens

Tools for citizens

Mobile applications
Web profile
Surveys and questionnaires
Participatory budgets
Reporting initiatives
Questions for local authority management
Tips for trips
Notice of fees
Calendar of events
Block cleaning
ČHMÚ warnings
Weather and weather stations
Covid Report
Register for multiple accounts

Digitisation and interconnection with existing systems

Smart newsletter
Linking to www
Interfacing with loudspeakers
Connection with el. official noticeboard
Connect with social networks
Ready for whistleblowing

Security and service

Advanced system security
GDPR ready
Tutorials and webinars
Language mutations

Already more than 4,000 municipalities, companies and associations in 4 countries, sending over 70 million messages a year

Větrný Jeníkov

„Thanks to MUNIPOLIS and the operative distribution of a crisis SMS message to our citizens and residents of holiday cottage areas, the Czech Police managed to track down the missing boy very quickly.“

Mgr. Martina Lisová

Mayor of Větrný Jeníkov

“Crisis communication goes up another level with MUNIPOLIS. We can quickly, simply and effectively communicate the necessary information to a wide or – conversely – specific group of citizens.”

Lucie Mahdalová

Public Relations Officer, Zábřeh

„For us, MUNIPOLIS means more opportunities to communicate with residents. Breaking news, a simple system of polls, a smart newsletter, and suggestions from people about needed improvements or repairs.“

Šárka Trunečková

Coordinator of the Healthy Town and local Agenda 21 project, Chrudim

„Our citizens have quickly got used to MUNIPOLIS as a source of fast and verified news. We use SMS, emails and app messages, polls; also the smart newsletter is perfect.“

Irini Martakidisová

Spokesperson of Třebíč
Praha 7

“Thanks to MUNIPOLIS, we can inform residents in a timely and clear manner about everything important that is happening in our neighbourhood, and at the same time involve them in planning the development of our district.”

Martin Vokuš

Press Spokesman of the Prague 7 District

„Thanks to MUNIPOLIS, in the Brno-Žabovřesky district, we’ve developed effective smart communication and up-to-date information for citizens to whom the information is specifically relevant.“

Petra Kačírková

Director of the Socio-Cultural Rubín Centre, Brno

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